Brian Morger

Brian Morger is a magnificent Montana artist whose gifts are known throughout the world.

Raised in Fort Benton, Montana, and intrigued by the remnants of its colorful river boat era, Brian Morger attributes much of his early inspiration to his visits to the town’s museums. “I was enamored by the sculpture work and background painting in the display dioramas.” Frequent trips to the C.M. Russell Gallery in Great Falls allowed Brian to observe the work of Russell and other artists and to make discoveries in the craft of creating art. “I considered those visits a poor man’s art lesson, and I learned a lot by looking.”

Morger studied Fine Art and Journalism at the University of Montana, then was an itinerant art teacher to remote Eskimo villages in Alaska. After freelancing his art and working in the entertainment business on the West Coast, Brian returned to Montana. He has a line of over 25 full color limited edition prints. His subject matter is a blend of themes from early century to the 1950’s in which he has depicted merry-go-rounds, theaters, street trolleys, classic cars, hotels, and burger stands.

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